Young entrepreneur at 16, balances two worlds successfully

Monday 11th May 2015 10:18 EDT

16 years old Nina Devani, is what every teenager aspires to become- a successful and popular businessman before even turning 18!

Nina founded DevaniSoft two years ago, in Leicester, with it's offices in Oxford street, and has been running her business alongside her A-level education.

Her achievement was recognised last month when she was shortlisted in the First Women: Young Achiever category of the Real Business First Women Awards, which celebrate the achievements of inspirational women from businesses and professional sectors.

Nina reportedly said: "I feel very proud. When I look back, I don't realise how far I have come. You don't realise how you are progressing and improving. It is really nice to be recognised for your achievements."

DevaniSoft provides an Android app and PC software called 'Prompt Me Nina', which people can install to remind them the various passwords they have to remember on a daily basis. If you download this software, every time you open up an application that requires a password, a reminder will pop up.

Nina came up with this business idea after her dad said how frustrated he was with struggling to remember his different passwords.

Nina told Leicester Mercury: "I came up with an idea to set up a reminder...

"My dad said, 'do it'. He is an entrepreneur and businessman, so I have always had that in my family."

Nina then started looking for an investor, and found someone who did the coding for the software, while she worked on the design, the screens and the user experience.

She tries to balance her homework with her business, often uses her lunch hours and free periods too.

A confident Nina manages both worlds well. "When you have that routine in place, you can just keep going. I also still have a social life," she added.

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