New online Menopause Clinic for women

A new clinic offering women a new approach to menopause care has just launched.

Wednesday 04th August 2021 13:08 EDT

Dr Ferhat Uddin, who’s family hails from Bangladesh, has brought together over two decades of expertise and passion about women’s health to create an online clinic. She is determined to reach women especially in Asian communities where they continue to suffer midlife health complaints in silence.

The discourse around Menopause in the UK has been one of secrecy and shame, women facing what can be a devastating period of turbulence on their own without help. The impact of which can have disastrous effects, with high rates of suicides happening in midlife, linked to menopause.

For the very first time, women can receive medical, psychotherapy, and nutritional support from a new online clinic without a GP referral, from specialised menopause clinicians.

Liberty Health Clinics offers women, no matter their location or medical history access to treatment, as it's exclusively online. 

Physician on a Menopause mission

Founded by a leading menopause expert, Dr Ferhat Uddin, dubbed the ‘Physician on a Menopause Mission’, has drawn together medical, mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle experts to support the hundreds of thousands of women who endure years of debilitating menopause symptoms from as early as aged 40.

Specialising in the gold standard of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and nutrition support for women in midlife, the new clinic has been launched to tackle the huge disparity in menopause healthcare across Britain.  

Dr Ferhat is on a mission to change the way menopause is treated, managed and perceived.  She said, “Menopause is not a disease, it’s a natural stage of life. Yet millions of women are without the right information and support to help them make informed choices for their care. 

“The current approach is one-dimensional, often reaching for a prescription to cure all ills when there’s much more to be considered. Instead, we need to treat women holistically, viewing their medical needs as equally as important as their mental health, nutrition, and lifestyle…We are on a mission to ensure women; their partners/families, places of work, and the world of primary care join the menopause dots to see the full picture.”

Women themselves not realising their symptoms are perimenopause-related, as there are over 60 symptoms.

Dr Uddin, continued, “Perceptions of menopause across all areas of society need to change. We are beginning to see a shift, but this needs to happen with a greater pace. It will literally change and save lives.

“Especially in the workplace where an extraordinary number of women feel forced to leave their careers, to the impact on relationships and their home life. 

“Most devastatingly are the high incidences of suicide amongst women, during this life stage.”

Although Liberty Health Clinics is private, Dr Ferhat shares her approach and expertise with NHS GPs as a lecturer in GP education in a bid to improve care for all, and not just those who can afford it. Dr Uddin, is also a practicing GP in South London, seeing patients on daily basis.

Currently, if a GP spots the signs of menopause – as it’s not always obvious to diagnose, they may be prescribed treatment and typically hormone replacement therapy, some may not even receive that. If symptoms are complex, they may be referred to a menopause clinic, where sadly the wait is long.

If a woman presents with symptoms of anxiety and depression for the first time, it may be connected to menopause, they may get a referral for mental health support, which means joining the queue for mental healthcare in the community, which is not specific or specialised in menopause care.

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