IVF Education Seminar with Nova IVI clinic

Priyanka Mehta Tuesday 13th November 2018 09:56 EST

The ABPL group along with Nova IVI fertility clinic in India had hosted an IVF education seminar at Novotel Hotel in Wembley on 2nd November. The main objective of this seminar was to create awareness about IVF among the Asian community and present forward the challenges and options for couples who cannot conceive naturally.

Dr. Madushree Ghosh

The panel discussion included Dr. Madushree Ghosh, MBBS, DRCOG, MFSRH and an IVF Expert at NHS Wales who shed light about the challenges that British Asian couples face in the UK while going through IVF under the NHS.

Stressing about the identification of the cause of infertility Dr. Ghosh highlighted, how factors such as heat, stress, alcohol, ovaries or even fallopian tubes is important to undertake the right process of treatment.

“In my experience the outcome of medical treatment may not be as prosperous as it sounds!” Referring to it as “Postcode-lottery” Dr. Ghosh explained how depending on the area some clinics allow you up to 3 chances in one cycle but that may not always be the case!”

“Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Body Mass Index (BMI) play a significant common factor among most South Asian women. The ideal BMI being between 19-30!” she continued.

Dr. Richa Jagtap

Identifying the dietary and lifestyle habits Dr. Richa Jagtap, MBBS, MD (OBG), DGO from Mumbai said “how 1% of everything that a pregnant woman consumes goes to the baby and so, it becomes necessary for a woman to watch what she eats and the atmosphere she is in” warning against passive smoking.

Dr. Jagtap shed an insight into the scientific process of IVF and pointed out several procedures used during the treatment and the advantages of one over the other. Addressing the problems of those couples wherein the male partner might be suffering through a genetic disorder, Dr. Jagtap explained the different options that such couples should opt for.

Talking about the Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS), she explained how “this process helps in picking out a healthy looking sperm in comparison to IMSI which is usually a preferred course of treatment for picking out a good looking sperm.”

The Nova IVI clinic requires the patients to travel to India for a specific treatment period of about 20 days. But Dr. Madushree Ghosh will be present here for initial consultations. All treatment and medical procedures here will be in accordance with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) guidelines.

The cost of the treatment at this clinic unlike other places is inclusive of medical tests and medicines as well. However, the cost of travel and accommodation in India as well as the cost of storing the egg is separate.

Vinesh Gadhia, COO of the Nova Clinic said “It is about time we break the silence over IVF and as per the WHO perceive the disease like any other and accept the concept of infertility. There is nothing to be ashamed about it.”

Talking about how his clinic has over recent times established with a Pan-India presence with 20 centres across 15 cities he said “There are more than 22,000 successful IVF pregnancies in India today!”

Dr. Sandeep Shah who was also present at the education awareness campaign even said how "the NHS data released for women over 35 years is applicable more for Caucasian women as opposed to the Asian women." It was the first ever awareness campaign that they have done in the UK.

The main of 'My life my choice' is to support women and men of all ages in making the fertility and childbearing decisions that best fit with their unique life situations, based on their personal circumstances, needs and values. They provide professional, and reliable information about fertility, assisted human reproduction, and various lifestyle and family building options, including childfree living.

Michelle Obama in her latest memoir “Becoming” reveals about how women should talk about miscarriages and how later she conceived her two daughters through IVF. This subject forms the core of discussion more significantly among the Asian community where infertility is still a taboo. It is time we as a society break out of the stereotype and educate ourselves about the causes of infertility and the options available to us.

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