The Rise of Anti-Hindu Hatred

Wednesday 17th May 2023 06:23 EDT

I have written about anti-Hindu hatred (Hinduphobia as some might call it) in the past. I have even placed before our community a definition of anti-Hindu hatred in the hope that our organisations, our government, and our society may come to terms with it. And whilst I wait, I observe the incessant rise of hatred against Hindus (often disguised as anti-India sentiments) go unchallenged by our government and many politicians. Let me share just a few examples of how this hatred builds up and impacts us.

We are still waiting for Keir Starmer to respond to the misbehaviour by his minister, Gareth Thomas, towards the Gujarati community. Their silence on this very serious matter is telling. Ask yourself the question, would Gareth still be in his position had he violated the trust of Muslims or the Jewish community? The answer is simple, he would be on his backside with the Labour whip removed. Yet when it comes to Indians, and in particular Hindus, Labour don’t care a damn.

We have also witnessed the publication of the Bloom Review which laid blame on Hindus, for Islamists attacking Hindus! Imagine the madness of such a grotesque assertion. By any independent means of verifiable evidence, it has been clear that it was the Islamists who were totally responsible for attacking Hindus and our Mandir. Even a government sponsored review is too afraid to call out the extremists, appeasement shows no sign of subsiding.

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) and UK Indian Muslim Council (UKIMC), on the social media channel of UKIMC, made an astounding claim that the event organised by INSIGHT titled, "Hindu Awareness Campaign - Grooming and Religious Conversion in the UK", was in some way not conducive to community cohesion. Now think about it, here we have two Islamic organisations wanting to stop INSIGHT in exposing the truth about grooming gangs. Why would they do that when some have claimed that these Pakistani grooming gangs had nothing to do with Islam? Are they now claiming that these grooming gangs are related to Islam after all? Today when all of us would wish to protect vulnerable women and girls from becoming the Shamima Begum’s of tomorrow, is it not astonishing that such Muslim organisations are intent on silencing the voice of the victims? Protecting girls, be they Hindu, white, Sikh and Muslim, surely should be a uniting positive force for community cohesion.

A petition to ‘Investigate Anti-Hindu propaganda & hatred attacks on Hindu Community’ was set up Krishan Jaglan which has already attracted over 16000 signatories (you can sign it here: The Government had to respond formally, but in my view, it was mostly rhetoric. I don’t care two hoots that the government thinks anti-Hindu hatred is wrong and unacceptable. What I want from my government is for them to instigate an independent investigation into:

  1. Leicester riots and the involvement of Islamists, the police, and the local mayor.
  2. Islamists and Khalistanis attacking Indians and Hindus, be it on our streets, at our Mandirs or when we gather at the Indian High Commission to celebrate events.
  3. How some politicians are working hand in glove with extremists and Islamists to undermine our nation. And how such activities are being funded and supported.
  4. The practical support it can provide to Hindus, and Hindu organisations/Mandirs in terms of funding, resources, and security measures. Do we need a Hindu to be killed before the authorities wake up?

I can continue the list, but suffice to say, surely any person with a bit of common sense would conclude that the above are serious and worthy of being acted on urgently. I am ready to help if they find the starting point a bit too challenging. No doubt the government could learn a lot if they followed the research carried out by The Henry Jackson Society that showed that Hindus are victims of extremists’ aggression.

We had the Daily Mail this week publish an incredibly incendiary false article attempting to lay the blame for Leicester on Hindus, and even the Modi government! Their claim to the story was that ‘UK security sources’ had told them, ‘Activists from Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) used closed WhatsApp groups to incite British Hindus of the involvement of the Indian government’. I find this narrative alarming and frankly fake. There seems to be a planned attack on India, Indians, and in particular Hindus, by excusing away the extremism of the Islamists. It’s for the government to investigate and sort out this mess. Is there such a thing as a ‘UK security source’? If so, what pathetic level of inaccurate intelligence is it gathering? And if not, then they should expose the lies of the Daily Mail. At this rate, these numptees will be telling us that Pakistan is a bastion of democracy, law and order, and of good governance!

It's time for Indians and Hindus to wake up. Take a lead from Leicester and Slough, it’s time to use our vote purposefully so that those who wish us harm, never take us for granted.

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