Rama Rajya in the 21st Century

Kapil Dhudkia Wednesday 31st January 2024 07:44 EST

Ragupathi Raghav rajaram


Sundar vigrahameghashyam

Ganga Thulasi shaalighram


Bhakta Jana priyasitaram

Jaanaki ramanasitaram

Jaya jaya Raghava sitaram


This is the true original lyrics of the world famous bhajan, ‘Ragupathi Raghav rajaram’. We should never allow the richness and the spiritual purity of our heritage be tarnished in the name of interfaith relations, or on the ‘altar’ of cultural diversity.


Every writer and commentator have already covered the greatest event of the millennium, the inauguration of Shree Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Therefore, don’t worry, I shall not report the same again.


As a Hindu this should be a time for reflection. A time when we ask some hard questions of ourselves. So let me be the fly in the ointment. And whilst many will wish to have their heads deep in the sands of ‘I did not know’, or ‘what could I have done?’. Maybe it’s time to wake ourselves up from the slumber that is akin to that of Kumbhakarna.


One can go into the past and rake up a lot of hurt and misadventure, so let’s put that to one side for a while. On 22nd January 2024, PM Modi set Bharat on a new course of self-realisation, and one of self-discovery of who we are as a people. With that comes huge responsibilities on all of us, especially Hindus and those of Indic faiths in Bharat.  One cannot prostrate to Prabhu Ram one day, and then be on the side of the ‘Rākshasas’ on other days just to get your selfish greed fulfilled.


There was a time when some people could claim ignorance since the advent of social media and mass communication was not with us.  However, let us be clear that excuse does not hold true now.  Therefore, why would any Indian, and by that,I mean any Indian (of all faiths and all backgrounds) not vote for a party like the BJP?  After all, there is only one party in India that for the first time is putting the nation first and embarking on a path of restoring the greatness of Bharat and its historical ancient Sanatani spiritual traditions.


Bharat has always welcomed and protected people of other faiths. Zoroastrians came to Bharat for their own protection after their motherland was invaded by Islamists. They came in large number as far back as 1400 years ago. Since then, this minority faith community has lived in Bharat without fear, in peace and in total security. In Bharat, we know them as Parsis, who have become the backbone of Mumbai and places in Gujarat.


The Jewish community arrived in Bharat as far back as 75CE. Of course, these numbers increased thereafter when they faced persecution in Iraq and other middle eastern nations. So much so, they became known as Baghdadi Jews. Again, the Jewish community made Bharat their home, they integrated in the life and work of the nation whilst still maintaining their unique identity.


When Bharat was cut into pieces by the British, it was done on religious lines. On one side, India, it was for everyone who wanted to live with the ideals of Bharat. On the other side it was Muslims who wanted their own Islamic state called Pakistan. It is therefore astonishing that India with one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, finds that many Muslims still vote for parties that undermine the nation. Why?  Why on earth would any Muslim in India wish to vote for any party that undermines their nation?  Their very future is in ensuring a peaceful thriving successful and forward-looking Bharat. Every faith in India works for India, only some members of one community, the Muslim community, endeavour to undermine the nation. Why?


Bharat is an ancient land of Sanatan Dharma. Every inch of this land is Hindu. Therefore, the thousands of Mosques that have been built on the sites of Hindu Mandirs, desecrated and destroyed by Islamists of past, should be vacated. The time has come for the Muslim community to step up to the mark. They should unilaterally declare that all mosques on such contested lands will immediately cease. By so doing, they send a signal to the whole nation that they are Bharatiya first. That nation comes first. That there must be a reckoning of past transgressions by the Islamists to foster in an age of Bhartiya unity.


Rama Rajya in the 21st Century is not about a Hindu Rashtra alone.  It is about a nation that thrives on the principles of Shree Ram, but as applied to the nation and its citizens in the 21stCentury. Rama Rajya protects every citizen, regardless of their faith, of their background, of their heritage, of their language, or of their ancestry. But for it to work, every citizen must perform their personal responsibilities properly.


Prabhu Shree Ram is back in Ayodhya, now it’s time to bring back those moral and ethical standards of Rama Rajya for the whole nation. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Siya Ram. 

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