Modi Magic 24

Wednesday 06th December 2023 05:09 EST

Modi ModiModi, an emotional cry from the masses heard right across Bharat, but as we PIO and NRI community know, it’s the same chorus of support right across the globe as well. Against this backdrop, and after successive humiliating Rahul, Sonia and Congressdefeats, one would have thought that by now they would have learnt a few lessons and had figured out the pulse of the nation. However, the arrogance of the Lutyenwalas and the Khan market gangs has resulted in yet more unfathomable defeats in recent state elections for these entitled bigots.
This success is not just due to Modi Magic, but also a refinement in theirorganizational structure at the grassroots, their ability to connect their ideological narrative with the voters, and of course their precision utilisation of the RSS stalwarts.
The captivating leadership of Prime Minister Modi remains the foundation stone for all BJP victories. We have witnessed how his popularity transcends regional and national boundaries. Attending COP28 Summit 2023 held in Dubai last week, not only did he stand tall as a world leader, but we alsosaw other world leaders wanting to have selfies with him. The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni approached PM Modi and clicked a selfiewhich she put on ‘X’ (Twitter for those who don’t know the name has changed) and it went viral. The global response was phenomenal, as was the response in India itself. This decisive and dynamic leadership resonates with the electorate and the "Modi wave"continues to deliver results.
In all four states, BJP increased their footprint. They won with outstanding results in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and increased seats in Telangana from only 1, to now 8. Today the BJP and their alliance partners now govern 18 states. Compare that with Congress and their so called I.N.D.I.A. (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) partners of some 28 parties who collectively control only 10 states. And of those, Congress controls ONLY 3 states!
The BJP are successful for many reasons. Under the stewardship of PM Modi, it has now become synonymous with infrastructure development, investment at the grassroots, attack on corruption, extensive access and use of modern technology, empowerment of women and communities left behind, mantra of ‘make in India’ increasingly becoming the norm, taxation fit for 21st C, access to banking for all, and much more. In effect, there is no one in India who has not been impacted directly as a result of at least one of these initiatives. Even his staunchest critics have reluctantly accepted that PM Modi has got their back, and that of the nation.
This vision of the new India, Bharat, resonates with voters at their very core. Whilst the opposition have spent 9 years in attacking the Prime Minister with incredibly low-grade attacks, he has risen above all of it and presents an image of Bharat on the global stage that ordinary voters feel pride in. In Bharat, the aspiring youth want a leader who can present a 'New India'vision.
The significance of these elections becomes even more clearer when you consider that in 2024 India holds its national general election. Today, after more than 9 years in governance, the momentum of 2014 does not seem to have slowed. By this standard let us be clear, the next government in India will be led by PM Modi again. The BJP and it’s NDA partners will secure a people’s mandate of significance yet again.
In India the BJP is known as a nationalist party. This is where the vast majority of international political commentators make their huge mistake. The meaning of ‘nationalist’ in India is a party, a group, or a person who works for the welfare of the nation. These patriots come from all strata of society, and from all faith backgrounds. The miscreants of modern-day journalism equate ‘nationalist’ with the western concept of right wing, or far-right ideology. Not only is this totally false, but this western imperial lens also attempts to paint India in bad light using their morally corrupt narrative. Thewestern politics of left, right and centre does not translate into the politics of the Indian sub-continent. Therefore, beware the western professors, the academics and the mediawalas who will purposefully abuse their position to paint a fake narrative to undermine India.
In India it used to be,and still is, ‘Modi hai to Mumkinhai’, now people are saying, ‘Modi hai to Guarantee hai’. My guarantee –2024 it’s Modi, Modi, Modi all the way.

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