Labour: Reshuffling Hate?

Wednesday 13th September 2023 07:01 EDT

In light of the recent shadow cabinet reshuffle conducted by Keir Starmer, if I was leading any Indian, Hindu, Jain, or Sikh organisation, I would probably write a letter to Keir Starmer as follows:

Dear Mr Starmer,

Re: Labour Party policy on Bharat

I note the recent shadow cabinet reshuffle you carried out on 4th September.Incredibly, your new team now also includes the following members:

Shabana Mahmood: Shadow Secretary of State for Justice
Lisa Nandy: Shadow Cabinet Minister for International Development
Seema Malhotra: Shadow Minister for Small Business, Consumers & Labour Markets
Imran Hussain: Shadow Minister for Work
Thangam Debbonaire: Shadow Secretary of State for DCMS
Rosena Allin-Khan: Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health
Naz Shah: Shadow Minister for Crime Reduction
Gareth Thomas: Shadow Minister for Trade Policy
Lord (Wajid) Khan: Shadow Spokesperson
Afzal Khan: Shadow Minister for Legal Aid
Tanmanjeet Dhesi: Shadow Rail Minister
Tulip Siddiq: Shadow Economic Secretary
Yasmin Qureshi: Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities

You seem to have appointed people who are either overtly anti-India orhave exhibited behaviour that suggests that they are anti-India. I am not sure if you have done this by design, or if it’s to appease to any particular community, or if this just happens to be the outcome of ignorance on your part? I leave this question for you to mull over, one hopestruth will guide you.

Lest there are any doubts, let me cite a few examples that give weight to my concerns that the Labour Party is now increasingly being projectedand seen as anti-India.

Shabana Mahmood on her website describes Kashmir,which is of course an integral part of India, as ‘Indian-occupied Kashmir’. Do I take it that this is now the official Labour party policy? I assume those on your Shadow Cabinet speak for you, the Labour Party, and its policies. It would be helpful to secure clarification on this as a matter of urgency.

You may recall there was an emergency motion passed at the Labour Party Conference in 2019 (25th September) which stated:‘Accept that Kashmir is a disputed territory, and the people of Kashmir should be given the right of self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions.’Chaired by the then Labour hero: Claudia Webbe MP. During this conference, and from the podium, labour members lied about India, they showed contempt for Indians and the atmosphere generated was hostile and prejudiced against Indians, and in particular, Hindus. To date I have NOT seen or heard you or any senior member of the Labour Party apologise for this grotesque show of hatred, and what many have called unbridled racism.

Furthermore, to my knowledge this motion has never officially been rejected on the floor of any subsequent Labour Party conference. Which begs the question, what does the Labour Party stand for? We have you saying one thing to Labour Friends of India on one day, only then to go back on it when the Muslim Council of Britain approaches you a few days later. We have Labour MPs marching on the High Commission of India causing serious mischief. And then we have your frontbencher, Shabana Mahmood clearly stating that Kashmir is part of Pakistan. I am sure even you will recognise that such madness on such an important international policy front should have certainty and clarity.

One is left wondering, should you become the Prime Minister of Britain, what would be your government’sposition on India?I am sure you must have followed the incredible G20 summit held in Bharat recently. Its incredible success shows that Bharat is on the right side of history. The Labour Party has invested so heavily with the Pakistani community and Pakistan, one wonders if this road to ruin needs a course correction.

Let’s carry on, Imran Hussain MPsaid that ‘the only solution is self-determination for the sons and daughters of Kashmir, and he pledged to ensure that the UK Parliament does not ignore Kashmir’.Is ‘self-determination’in Kashmir now the policy of the labour Party?

On 8th August 2019, many Labour MPs were signatories to a letter to the United Nations asking for intervention in Kashmir. Amongst others, the letter was signed by MPs Faisal Rashid, Lord Qurban Hussein,Mohammed Yasin, Khalid Mahmood, Afzal Khan, Yasmin Qureshi, Stephen Kinnock, Shabana Mahmood, Rushanara Ali, Naz Shah, lmran Hussein and many others. I am sure you recognise many of the names since they are in your shadow cabinet.

The Labour Party is now known as anti-Israel and antisemitic. The evidence of the past decade suggests that it has become anti-India and Hinduphobic also. Let me assure you, visiting our Mandirs and taking photos with our spiritual leaders might fool a few people, but the vast majority see through such a charade. We believe in Karma, and Karma does not sway with the wind. It delivers its judgement based on truth and justice.

I end by asking you to make one comprehensive statement on India. Make it clear where your party stands andensure that every shadow minister acceptsit and abides by it publicly. You should also make it clear that any member of the Labour party who exhibits Hinduphobic tendencies will be thrown out. There are hundreds that you can start with immediately, maybe have a look at Leicester,and the video of that Labour Party conference to get the ball rolling!

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