Hindus under attack in Leicester

Kapil Dudakia Monday 19th September 2022 13:06 EDT

By now many of you will be aware of a series of attacks on Hindus in Leicester by Islamist gangs. Know the truth, it did NOT start because of the India v Pakistan cricket match. That has nothing to do with it. The truth that they wish to hide from you is that a Hindu family that was celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with family and friends was attacked. A mob of Muslim youth started throwing eggs desecrating the sacred ceremony. Our Hindu youth that were present came to the rescue to protect the family. Some of the Islamists ran away but one was caught. It is regrettable that sundry punishment was delivered, but under such circumstances, that was unavoidable. 


For the record, this was a hate crime committed by these Islamists. Their purpose was not only to desecrate Hindu celebrations, but to also incite communal tensions. The police were informed and told that if they don’t take proactive action, these Islamists will spread fake news to incite others across the country.


And exactly as we had predicted, social media erupted and thus began their campaign to attack Hindus in Leicester. They made up stories to heighten the tensions even further. In one claim they said that a Hindu man had tried to abduct a Muslim girl. They then disclosed his name and other details. Had it not been for the swift action of a few Hindus in Leicester who contacted Rob Nixon the Temporary Chief Constable, this could have led to a serious situation. Muslim youths who had gathered outside his parents’ home were dispersed by the police, but by that stage the family had been traumatised to their very core. And the man in question, he was on a holiday abroad, so how on earth could he have been involved?


Another lie on social media (by the very same twitter handles) circulated that a Mosque had been attacked. The truth came out when police announced that there was no such attack. 


Islamists on twitter demanded Muslims to gather in Leicester to teach Hindus a lesson.  This they did on Saturday 17th leading to street wide disruptions. The police once again were on the back foot having to calm a situation that could have been avoided, had the Islamist fake news merchants been stopped. In one attack, Islamists attacked a Hindu Mandir, tore down a flag and proceeded to burn it. All whilst the police watched on. The big question, why did the police do nothing? Is it that Hindu casualties are acceptable? What will it take for the authorities to wake up - the death of a Hindu?


As a nation it’s time to face up to reality. A truth that many hitherto wish to hide from, some even promote the very opposite as self-therapy to compensate for their cowardice and lack of moral integrity.


We have witnessed how the Jewish community have been terrorised by such racist and religiously motivated gangs. It seems the focus is now on Hindus.  These two are the most law abiding and most successful communities in the UK. They integrate well, they put the nation first and they seek the path of peace and community tranquillity, often at a cost to themselves. 


Table: Religion of prisoners 



There is a reason why Hindus, Sikhs, and Jews are hardly ever found in our prisons, they represent the very best in humanity. Let us not test their patience.


Just as we defeated the far right, it is now necessary to defeat the Islamists. We cannot do that whilst we have leading institutions entrenched in appeasing to Islamists. I have spoken to many from the wider Muslim community who would welcome proactive action since it protects them, as it does the rest of us. 


If we fail to learn the lessons of today, let it not be a surprise if our streets see such disruption on a regular basis tomorrow. The very fabric of our society will be at risk just because politicians and law enforcement agents find it too difficult to find their spine. 


The situation prompted an unprecedented statement issued by the High Commission of India in London asking the British Government to ensure the security and safety of Indians in Leicester. On this I commend HCIL and H.E. Mr. Vikram K. Doraiswami the High Commissioner.  It’s time for India to step up in this way a lot more often. If you aspire to be a global power, then you must exercise that power to protect your people as well.

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