Scotland plans to offer Indian students 2 year work visa

Tuesday 09th June 2015 11:45 EDT

Scotland is planning to start a visa scheme especially for Indian students, to attract them to study in a Scottish university, post which they will be offered two years work visa in Scotland only. Known as the Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme visa will be started shortly, according to Scotland's Europe and International Development Minister Humza Yousaf.

In the light of this initiative, Vice Chairman of the Labour party, Rt Hon Keith Vaz in an interview with an Indian newspaper reportedly said, “At present, we are seeing an unprecedented decline in the number of Indian students, which is a serious problem for our educational institutions, our economy and for the students themselves, who have been dissuaded from attending some of the most prestigious universities in the world."

According to Mr Vaz, "The best way to establish relations between countries is through young people from India coming to study in the UK."

He added, "I want them to come and study in London, Leicester and Liverpool".

In an earlier report, the Home Affairs Select Committee had said that any cap on student visas would be unnecessary and undesirable.

International students in UK universities come from over 190 countries. The UK is after the US in terms of the total number and diversity of international students in its higher education institutions. In total, during the 2013/14 academic year, international students contributed over a million in fee income to just London universities.

A spokesperson from the National Indian Students Union UK said that they have yet again brought forth their petition to ask UK government to review it's visa policy for international students, particularly Indian students. They are urging Britain as a country to open it's doors to post study work scheme for them, allowing a couple of years of work visa, after graduating from a British university. Post-study work visa was abolished by the UK government in April 2012. This had led to a 50% dip in Indian students visiting British universities for higher education.

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