Toxic Disney dolls

Monday 05th January 2015 11:49 EST

Counterfeit dolls of the characters from Disney's hit movie 'Frozen' could be circulating with deadly consequences in Walsall, council authorities have warned. Figures of the singing princesses Anna and Elsa and their sidekick Olaf the snowman, were being sold with chemicals that have been responsible for cancer, birth defects and infertility in men. The products are high-standard replicas but are not worth the risking of lives for, asserted Cabinet member councillor Khizar Hussain: “It is pretty much impossible to tell these dolls are counterfeit, just by looking at them, but they are potentially very dangerous (…) I would urge anyone who thinks they may have one to keep them away from children and to get in touch with trading standards for advice.” The dolls were originally being distributed at a pop-up stall in the area and several have already made it into residents' festive homes. Trading standards can be contacted on 0345 404 0506 if information can be given for tracing. The faulty merchandise was found to be manufactured from China.

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