Son writes poetry to pay tribute to mum

Monday 31st August 2015 11:22 EDT

SHIRLEY: A grieving son, who lost his mother Ravinder at a holiday, while trekking on a mountain in the US, has written a poetry to pay her tribute.

Ravinder died in 40 degrees heat while she was walking on Camelback Mountain in Echo Canyon Park, near Phoenix, Arizona last month.

21 years old Aaron Takhar, from Shirley, in West Midlands described his mother as his best friend and hero. In the poem, which was read out at Ravinder’s funeral last Tuesday, Aaron also referred to his mum as his ‘teacher, chef, coach and sofa buddy.’

Ravinder, who was 45 and worked for Taylor Wimpey, was on holiday with Aaron and her husband. She took a break from the exhausting 2,706ft climb and arranged to meet her husband and son after they went on ahead. But she failed to show up at the agreed meeting point.

Her body was later spotted in a deep ravine off the main trail by emergency workers following a five-hour rescue mission. Special rescue personnel were at the scene within a few minutes, but Ravinder was already dead. A US police investigation revealed that Ravinder died from heat exhaustion.

Aaron speaking about the poetry said, “He said: “I really felt there needed to be something that not only encapsulated her life but also celebrated it because she had a wonderful life.

“She was a unique and amazing woman and an even better mom I just feel that needs sharing as I feel lucky to call her my Mama.”

Aaron’s poem reads: “You are my Mom, you are my teacher, you are my chef, you are my coach, you are my sofa buddy, you are my best friend and you are my hero.

“It would be easy to consider myself unfortunate given the circumstances but instead I consider myself as the luckiest person in the world because I had you as a mom in 21 of the most amazing years anyone could ask for. In those 21 years we managed to achieve what most moms and sons would achieve in 50 years.

“I have no regrets and know our relationship is as strong and loving as you are. The love of everyone here today means you will always live on:

“You live on when someone buys something from Ted Baker.

“You live on in neat and tidy presents.

“You live on when someone does something insanely nice for someone else for no particular reason.

“You live on when Liverpool score a goal.

“You live on when a son tells his mom that he loves her with all his heart.

“You live on in all of us who love you.

“I don’t know how to thank you for all you’ve done for me and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to comprehend how much I love you.

“Rest in peace Mama. With love from your son Arnie.”

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