Shree Ram Mandir Birmingham offers door-to-door delivery of hot meals for the vulnerable

Wednesday 17th June 2020 15:38 EDT

The Shree Ram Mandir Birmingham have been offering door-to-door delivery of hot meals to those vulnerable as the coronavirus pandemic continues in the UK. Birmingham was believed to be one of the other major hot spots in the UK besides London and the BAME community has already been more susceptible to the virus as indicated by the recent Public Health England report.

Under such circumstances, the mandir which is believed to be the only such organization in Birmingham has been preparing freshly cooked meals and delivering tiffins since the last two months. Bearing in mind religious practices of those within the community, the mandir has been providing vegetarian meals without any onions or garlic in them. According to the Mandir spokesperson,

“The elderly relied on the various day centres and mandir, for their meals who were forced to close their doors on 23rd March as the government announced a complete lockdown across the country. As a result, the elderly were in isolation, and struggling especially, those who were left on their own.”

Hiteshbhai Kukadia (President) and Jayshreeben Pankhania (Secretary) decided that help must be extended. And thus, a small team was set up with a dozen volunteers coming forward to extend help.

Over the past two months they have delivered over 1000 tiffin boxed and delivered with the help of six delivery teams covering the areas of Birmingham and Solihull. The feedback from the service users is fantastic and they are truly grateful to SRM Birmingham for the support we have provided them. We serve all communities and don’t discriminate among the religions as we believe that the UK is the most diverse and multi-cultural country open to all.

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