Kings Barber Club uses Facebook Ads Manager to open chain of outlets

Tuesday 05th February 2019 08:13 EST

In 2009 Adam Choudhry had launched Kings Barbers Club in Birmingham, just weeks before he was due to start university for a degree in Economics. Within 9 years his business has expanded into UK's largest chain of independently owned barber shops, and 14 outlets spread across Midlands- and much to the credit is owed to Facebook. While social media like Facebook has received criticism over the years various reasons- including 'affecting mental health', Choudhury was able to use it for enhancing business and spreading the word across the 'community.'

Choudhry had first set up his shop in a building that was owned by his father but the location was away from the main high street. He tried out hitting the high streets, handing out thousands of leaflets- tried every other way to attract customers. But his business only took off when Facebook launched its Ads Manager tool. Business increased almost overnight and within six months Choudhry was on the hunt for premises for a second outlet. And by the time he left university, with a degree in hand, he’d built a chain of five outlets.

Speaking to Evening Standard, Adam said, “I launched the business and started university just as social media was really beginning to take off. Suddenly, everyone was getting a smartphone for the first time and I noticed that everything social at college was being organised on people’s Facebook pages.

“Initially, we used a Facebook page for the business just to get the message out there. It was a way to build a presence and a reputation for ourselves.”

Though Facebook continues to be at the centre of Choudhry's business marketing activity, Kings Barbers Club has now developed its own software to integrate an online booking service with its presence on the social media site.

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