Indian-origin becomes the first ever to win Miss England title

Rupanjana Dutta Tuesday 06th August 2019 06:20 EDT

Talk about new age career determination, Bhasha Mukherjee, who is also a junior doctor, has won the Miss England title, becoming the first ever Indian-origin to win this crown.

But as a true doctor would do, even after a challenging evening, that finished at 2am, Dr Mukherjee took a train at 4am to go and attend her first shift as a junior doctor at an NHS hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Bhasha who is, 23, and was chosen as the Miss Asian Face of the Miss England pageant this year. She speaks five languages including Bengali, has two medical degrees and has an IQ level of 146. Her parents are from Kolkata, India. She initially grew up in India but the family moved to the UK when she was 9 and settled in Derby.

Studying since childhood, Bhasha wanted to be an astronaut. But once she left high school, she decided to try her hand in performing arts, and eventually found her way into modelling. Bhasha, who speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, German and French, was scouted in 2016 to compete in a pageant aiming to increase diversity in beauty contests across the UK, before entering Miss England this year.

Following her win she reportedly said, “I couldn't tell if I was more nervous about Miss England or about starting my job as a junior doctor.”

This year’s Miss England contest for the first time had a make up free round, which was introduced after the competition was criticised for setting an unhealthy beauty standard and being too critical of women’s bodies.

Speaking to Asian Voice exclusively Bhasha said, “Winning felt surreal. And I couldn't stop crying on stage. I missed my family a lot during that moment as I had gone all alone to the competition.” 

When asked about her future plan, she added, “My future plan is to stay humble, continue to grow, and start preparing for Miss World which takes place in November in London this year. I will continue to work as a doctor, I have come to work today even though the after party of the pageant finished at 2:30am and I had a train to catch at 4 am to make it to work.”

Bhasha is the second ever Asian to win the Miss England crown after Hammasa Kohistani, of Afghan origin, who won the title in 2005.

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