Asylum seeker uses false identity to live in the UK

Monday 11th January 2021 08:15 EST

An asylum seeker who was refused permission to stay in the UK has reportedly used false identity documents to live, work and rent a house in Leicester, it has emerged.

33-year-old Areiwan Hamaseid assumed the identity of another person who was legitimately allowed to remain indefinitely, and after 10 years of living illegally in the country, he is married and has a son. He pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing false identity documents with improper intent, namely a Home Office indefinite leave immigration document and a forklift driving licence, the Leicester Crown Court heard.

The Leicester Mercury reported that the sentencing, Judge Philip Head said, "You came to this country unlawfully in 2007 and your application for asylum was refused in 2008, with an appeal rejected in 2011. You then made a decision to remain in this country and in order to do so it appears you, some years ago, equipped yourself with two false documents.

"You'd identified a real person who had the right to be in this country and deliberately used that name on those documents. Thousands of people abroad loyally abide by the system for getting lawful entry to this country and to work here. You have cheated all of those who correctly use the system.

"You also used another person's real name to open a bank account in order to get work, which you wouldn't otherwise have been allowed to do. You used that false identity to obtain a home rental agreement. I'm told your partner is unwell and you now have a child. Those who use false documents must be taught to think twice before they do this and it's necessary to send out a public message about the use of false documentation."

The court heard that Hamaseid had been paying income tax in the same false name while working for a well-known transport company.

Sukdev Garcha, mitigating, said the defendant felt he was in a situation where he "either tried to get a job (using the false documents) or turned to crime. Hamaseid was jailed for a total of 42 weeks.

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