Natco Foods donates all profits to charities

Wednesday 16th October 2019 13:31 EDT

A business house is committed to donating 100% of its profits to charity. Natco Foods, a favoured award-winning brand for allSouth Asian food products, has till date donated over £5m as opposed to issuing dividends to its shareholders.

A privately owned family business, Natco makes most of its donations through the Human Capability Foundation which Luke, Danny and Natasha Pagarani run as volunteers. The foundation makes these grants directly to small community-based organisations in India working on issues such as gender equality, girls’ education, health and livelihoods. It particularly focuses on the rights of marginalised groups, with special emphasis on addressing growing poverty, mental health and disability. Managing Director, Luke Pagarani said,

“We travel regularly to remote areas of India, both for sourcing many of our ingredients from as well as supporting communities in their struggle for solidarity and achieving equality under difficult circumstances.

“For example, on our last trip we visited our project with Jeevika in rural West Bengal, which involves teaching landless women to grow organic vegetables on tiny scraps of waste land to combat malnutrition, while at the same time helping them to organise mutual support groups to combat domestic violence and alcoholism.”

Very few Natco consumers are aware of the company’s charitable achievements as they do not publicise of their charitable activities. Natco’s directors are seeking to hear the views from their customers about the company’s philanthropic mission as they aim to expand their philanthropic footprint in Nepal, Bangladesh and India.

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