Commonwealth voters to make a significance difference in the EU referendum

Tuesday 11th August 2015 12:13 EDT

The Commonwealth citizens residing in the UK have been instrumental in putting David Cameron back into 10 Downing Street. Their significance in the 2015 General Elections is something that cannot be disregarded. The polls suggest that their votes have played a major role in deciding who becomes the next Prime Minister. The Commonwealth citizens in the UK will again prove their significance in the forthcoming European Union referendum.

Estimates based on the 2011 census reveals that there are 894,087 eligible Commonwealth voters. It would be ludicrous to disregard this figure as unimportant in deciding whether Britain remains in the EU or finally opts out.

Commonwealth citizens could be from countries such as Canada, India, Australia or Pakistan. It is highly unlikely that they all would have the same verdict regarding the EU referendum. Nevertheless, their votes would still aid steer the decision to a possible final yes or no. 

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