Indian food to be flown to France for Brits craving curry

Wednesday 10th January 2018 12:19 EST

Ever since Sake Dean Mohamed from Patna, India, opened London's first Indian restaurant in 1810 called Hindoostane Coffee House in Marylebone, Britons have had a great love affair with Indian food. A love affair so strong that Britons based in Bordeaux, who are deeply missing the tingling taste of their favourite curry, have organised a special flight to have their favourite food delivered to them from a popular Indian restaurant in Portsmouth.

The flight called “Curry By Air”, is scheduled to take off on 13th January from Lee-on Solent airfield with food packed from Akash restaurant. Orders for food are placed online at £32 per person from a choice of four curries, a vegetarian side dish, as well as naan bread.

The organisers have stated that orders can only be placed by customers in France. The food will be arriving in Bordeaux in a Diamond DA42 aircraft, operated by a flying school in France, Iroise Aéro Formation.

A France-based British aviation trainer, James Emery, came up with the idea with Faz Ahmed from Akash restaurant. Emery said, “Indian food in France is standardised for French tastes and I've never had anything that resembles what you get in an Indian takeaway in Britain. It's a bit of a hare-brained scheme but we love flying and we love curries and we thought it would get the year off to a good start. Everything is a bit miserable, what with Brexit, and I thought it would be good to have some fun.”

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