Women in labour given virtual reality to ease pain of childbirth

Tuesday 13th August 2019 17:18 EDT

Women in labour are being given virtual reality headsets to see if they can help manage the pain of childbirth. University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff is carrying out a trial and it could be rolled out across Wales, if successful. 

Midwife Suzanne Hardacre, said the technology offered an alternative for pain management. Mother-to-be Hannah Lelii, who tested the kit ahead of the birth of her first baby this month, likened it "to a simulator".

"It's genuinely 360 degrees, so when I turn, I've got the view that would be behind me or to the side of me," she said.

"It helps to get me in a state of relaxation."

The health board will arrange a feedback session in future to gauge the response of the first raft of new mums to trial the headsets.

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