Winter remedies: The Ayurvedic way

4,000,000 suffer from Asthma

Wednesday 11th December 2019 09:37 EST

Asthma is a common lung condition causing breathing difficulties, coughing and chest tightness. Smoking habits can worsen this condition as the smoke irritates the airways making them swollen, narrow and fills them with mucus. 

Ayurveda says excess of kapha creates mucus and excess vatta dries up mucus in the respiratory passage creating narrowing of the passage. Imbalanced immune system creates allergy from change of season and triggering attacks of sneezing, whizzing sound, severe congestion. Finally this creates respiratory difficulties like asthma, cough, cold, allergies, and shortness of breath. 

A survey conducted by Asthma UK this year found that about 4,000,000 people are at risk of suffering asthma attacks triggered by flu and colds this winter. According to the NHS, currently there is no permanent cure for Asthma apart from using reliever or preventer inhalers. But to combat these conditions, Dr. Smita Naram of Ayushakti recommends the following Ayurvedic remedies:

Diet: Completely stop dairy products, wheat and gluten, cheese, and fruits.

Consume warm soups made out of mung and fresh vegetables. Add spices like ginger, garlic and black pepper in your dishes which helps reduce kapha production.

Home Remedy: Sip warm ginger water throughout the day. Make tea with the following ingredients:

  • 10 basil leaves, 
  • 2 pepper cones, 
  • one inch of ginger, 
  • 2 inches piece of cinnamon, 
  • 20 mint leaves, 
  • 1 clove 
  • Add water 1 ½ cups. 
  • Boil and bring to one cup.
  • Filter and add honey. 

Sip this tea warm. You can drink this tea 3-4 times a day.

Apply some balm on the chest and back. And do hot fomentation to get improve breathing.

Asthma attacks can be fatal, with around three people dying in the UK every day. Flu viruses can increase inflammation in the airways and the narrowing of airway then has the potential to trigger a bronchospasm, otherwise known as an asthma attack.

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