Top 5 benefits of staying hydrated this Summer

Wednesday 28th April 2021 07:18 EDT

Water makes up almost 70 per cent of the human body and acts on every single cell in the body to hydrate, detox, and maintain temperature. There are several benefits to keep yourself hydrated.
Maintains cell structure
Water is required to maintain the integrity of cells like hair, skin, and nails, and to a certain extent it also helps in the production of collagen, which helps from an anti-aging perspective. It also maintains the integrity of the joints and the spinal cord, drinking water also works as a lubricant, which helps in reducing friction.
Burns Body Fat
There are several studies that have linked water intake with the reduction of body fat.
Aids digestion
While there is an open discussion on whether consuming water during and after a meal is the right thing to do, a recent study suggests it is absolutely fine. It facilitates in the production of saliva which contains electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes that help in digesting food and allow for the upkeep of oral health. Digestion begins in the mouth, and if you feel your mouth is dry, increase your water intake.
Maintains Body Temperature
It is important that your body temperature is maintained, for your enzymes to function properly. Maintaining fluid balance is key to prevent your bodily functions from seizing.
Helps you detox
One of the most important functions of water is to detox. A lot of toxins are built up in the body throughout the day – be it environmental or through food, among others. Detoxification occurs through urine, feces, and sweat. Drinking less water tends to void saturated urine and hence precipitate stones.
One must consume enough water to maintain the consistency of the blood as it helps transport nutrients to all organs in the body.

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