Rid water weight naturally with these easy tips

Wednesday 11th May 2022 08:17 EDT

If you find yourself gaining a lot of weight of late, and suffering from swollen feet or ankles, puffy skin or stiff joints, there could excess fluid build-up in your body; Typically known as water retention or edema. This is typical of summer as the body finds it difficult to remove fluid from tissues in hot weather. Reasons for water retention could be several including pregnancy, certain health issues, menstruation, and inadequate consumption of protein or vitamin B1, among others.

Water retention occurs when excess fluids build up in your body and isn’t removed efficiently by the circulatory system, kidneys or lymphatic system that help maintain healthy fluid levels in the body. Dietician and nutritionist Dr and Founder of Nutrifybypoonam Diet & Wellness Clinic, Poonam Duneja said, “We all face different kinds of challenges during our weight loss journey. Since most people are dehydrated when they age, the body tends to retain water and cause ‘edema’. It’s usually harmless. Excess water retention can also be due to a medical issue like heart, liver or kidney disease.”

Following are some ways to get rid of excess weight due to fluid retention.

Regular Exercise - The body loses 0.5-1 litres of sweat depending on temperature, hydration levels and clothing. Regular physical exercise reduces water outside of the cell and decreases swelling due to water retention.

Adequate Sleep - This may also help your body water levels and reduce water retention.

Stress Management - Stress increases the Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) that controls water balance in the body. Stress management will help normalise the levels of ADH and cortisol which is important for fluid balance and long-term disease risk.

Supplement with Magnesium and Potassium - When the electrolyte levels are too low are too high, they cause a shift in fluid balance and it leads to more water weight. Excess hydration levels, and exercising in hot humid climates also needs replenishment of these electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat.

Avoid Salty Foods - High levels of sodium will lead to a fluid imbalance within the body and result in water retention. Intake of a lot of highly processed food, pickles and soups can also lead to water retention.

Keep Hydrated - It is that simple. Being well-hydrated can reduce water retention. Optimal water intake of 2-3 litres daily ensures general health including good digestive health, fat loss and brain function.

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