Practice these Yoga asanas to keep yourself energised

Wednesday 16th November 2022 06:14 EST

As seasons change, it is common to experience lethargy, low energy, stiff muscles and painful joints but it is also true that during this season, the body’s natural stamina and strength is at its highest peak. Hence, incorporating simple healthy Yoga practices in daily life will boost immunity and energy, uplift mood, and provide strength to the body to defend against seasonal illnesses and other health problems.

With the onset of winter, one may anticipate the normal congested chest, sore throat, runny nose, heated eyes, dry skin, and body aches, it is wonderful nonetheless. Unfortunately, the onset of a new season might have even more negative effects. With the body’s internal clock thrown for a toss, it results in sleeplessness, indigestion, weight gain, depression, and cardiovascular or coronary problems.

You can practice some of the top winter yoga practices to help you out this year.

· Nauli: The immune system is strengthened, the metabolism is stimulated, and the blood pressure is controlled, thus keeping diabetes at bay.

· Kapalbhati: This asana is great for clearing mucus and stale air throughout the cold season.

· Bhastrika: By causing the diaphragm to move, it raises body temperature.

· Surya Namaskar: It promotes mental clarity, physical control, energy harmony, and increased mindfulness.

· Setu Bandhasana: This asana is excellent for soothing and elevating emotions and melting belly fat.

· Paschimotanasana: Older people enjoy it a lot because it doesn't involve a lot of movement and relieves back discomfort.

· Ushtrasana: It aids in maintaining respiration and building muscles.

Practicing Surya namaskar and basic warm-up yoga asanas are the best ways to keep the body warm, strong and active. Pranayam can also be incorporated into the routine to overcome various breathing issues, colds, coughs, viral fever, and congestion in the chest, and for optimal functioning of the nose, ear, throat, and respiratory system, and to improve blood circulation, deep breathing exercises.

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