Obesity can increase risk of cancers

Wednesday 17th May 2023 06:33 EDT

According to recent research, both metabolically healthy and unhealthy 'forms' of obesity are associated with an elevated risk of various obesity related cancers. Dr. Ming Sun, of Lund University in Malmo, Sweden, and colleagues conducted the study, later published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
Researchers looked at the association between metabolic health status and body mass index (BMI, normal weight/overweight/obesity) regarding obesity-related cancer risk (n=23,630) in 797,193 Europeans.
According to the scientists, among men, the data indicate that obesity and metabolic issues together enhance the risk of these obesity-related cancers significantly. They say, "This has important public health implications, suggesting that a significant number of cancer cases could potentially be prevented by targeting the co-existence of metabolic problems and obesity, in particular for obesity-related cancers among men."
 “This study highlights the type of metabolic obesity phenotype is important when assessing obesity-related cancer risk. In general, being metabolically unhealthy further increased the obesity-related cancer risk,” they added.

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