Is your body at risk of diabetes? Listen to these 6 warning signs

Wednesday 07th April 2021 09:42 EDT

Our lifestyle plays a vital role in managing the overall health of our body. How we really treat it is how it responds. One of the worst lifestyle disorders to have is diabetes. It not only affects your overall health, it increases your risk of renal issues, digestion problems, and heart illnesses.

There are two forms of diabetes-type 1, and type 2. While Type 1 is genetic in nature at its core, type 2 stems solely from wrong lifestyle choices. What are factors that may be increasing your risk of developing diabetes? You may be eating junk food a bit too frequently. Your body is not getting enough or any exercise, you avoid getting routine check-ups, and more.

The 'don't fix if it ain't broken' logic can get very damaging for your body. It sends warning signs to help you realise what area to pay attention to. In this article we explain what signs your body may be throwing your way indicating an onset of diabetes.


If you have a healthy water intake and still feel constantly thirsty, you might want to get yourself checked for diabetes. Your kidneys work extra hard when you have diabetes, to regulate excess glucose. Glucose is released in the urine, and some very essential minerals get flushed out with it, which makes you feel dehydrated.

Frequent Urination

Yet another cause behind the dehydration, the logic here works similarly as above. Your body needs to clear out extra glucose from the body, which is why you urinate more frequently if you have diabetes.


With diabetes, the body is unable to digest glucose which is necessary to release energy. When this excess glucose doesn't get digested, you will feel lethargy, leading to hunger.

Dry skin

High blood sugar makes your skin tissues more prone to dryness, leading to itchiness and making yourself more prone to skin infections.


Sores appear due to blood vessel damage caused by diabetes.

Slow Healing

Diabetes slows down the process of cell regeneration, which slows down the process of healing

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