Government watchdog faces probe after accrediting homeopath body

Tuesday 08th October 2019 19:16 EDT

A Government watchdog faces investigation after accrediting a homeopathic body, which includes members offering a 'cure' for autism. The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) regulate practitioners so the public can choose healthcare workers they can 'trust'. It accredited The Society of Homeopaths for a fifth year running, despite some of its members practising the bogus Cease therapy.  Cease relies on the false notion that autism is caused by vaccines, and supposedly involves the removal of 'toxic imprints' in a child through vitamin C and zinc supplements, among other unproven fixes. Experts stress autism is not a 'disease' that is caused by environment substances, medicine or vaccines, and that Cease has no scientific credibility. The High Court has given permission for a judicial review of PSAs decision, which has been accused of 'failing' vulnerable children with autism. It comes amid growing fears among public health experts about the ever-growing spread of misinformation from anti-vaxxers.

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