Psychologist Mamta Saha Wednesday 31st January 2024 05:29 EST

Today, I’m going to share how you can learn to forgive. Forgiveness gives you the gift of feelinglighter and upbeat. My tips are practical, thought provoking and proven to be successful. I encourage you to save, share and cut this out so you can always look back at it to remind yourself of these powerful tools.

Many of my clients struggle with letting go of painful conversations and situations from the past. This causes them to feel heavy, upset, resentful, and angry. They keep reciting situation in their mind repeatedly, replaying what happened and often thinking about what they could’ve done differently - if they were able to go back in time. As we know, it is impossible to go backwards in time and this leave us with one positive opportunity and gift which is to forgive and move forward.

When I work with these challenges, sadness and angerareoften the first emotions to unravel and unpack. This is because for so many the pain was felt over a long period of time, like one too many paper cuts to the heart. In this state a client can feel stuck and find it hard tomove forward. At this point we also explore some truths such as: forgiveness is not a weakness; forgiveness is for you – not the person who caused you harm. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you cannot change and have boundaries – it means that you get to choose your approach and way forward. Forgiveness gives you your life back. To forgive we must loosen our grip and make a choice to let go of what we are holding onto.

In my practice, the focus is on guiding clients to acknowledge and embrace their fears and self-doubt in a secure environment. The goal is to facilitate a journey of reconnecting with their genuine selves, leading them to a place of self-appreciation and the establishment of positive self-care rituals. This process ultimately centres around forgiveness and acceptance.

If you find your mind drifting to thoughts about situations and people that you can’t forgive, choose to think truthful more positive thoughts about yourself instead. Look in the mirror and repeat some affirmations (I created some that you can buy on my website). Your brain will believe whatever you tell it, so be kind and when you make a commitment to do this you enhance the self-love you feel.
If anger still arises (which it may), allow it to be there and then release those thoughts by using your affirmations to acknowledge the loving truth about yourself. Let me reassure you that holding onto anger about a situation is it is perfectly normal, and you also have the choices of forgiveness available to. When you access that loving kindness for yourself you can then begin to let go and forgive. This mindset helps you heal, feel confident and move forward in peace.
If you, your family,community, or business need support inworking through this then reach out and explore some workshops and coaching. I’d also love to know how you get on, email me: [email protected]. Follow me on Linked in: Mamta Saha and IG: Saha_Mamta. Download my free e-book: Sending you all the love that you truly deserve.

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