Expert busts myths related to epileptic seizures

Wednesday 15th March 2023 06:46 EDT

Epilepsy affects 10 million people in India with a prevalence of about 1% of the population. There are numerous myths about epilepsy. Consultant Neurologist at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, Dr Santosh Sontakke, explained, “Epilepsy is characterised by a tendency to get recurrent seizures, which are basically loss-of-consciousness episodes. A seizure is characterised by sudden loss of consciousness or awareness, with jerky movements, abnormal movements of lips and fingers, and sometimes even involuntary urination and tongue-biting.”
He said, “If these symptoms occur to someone, they should immediately consult a neurologist. Epilepsy patients can live a normal life with regular follow-up visits with neurologist. Turning the patient to one side in a comfortable space is first aid, whereas putting keys in the patient's mouth or attempting to open their locked jaw are not. Epileptic patients should not be in situations where there is possibility of injuries because of loss of consciousness due to seizures.”

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