Common mistakes hampering your weight loss journey

Wednesday 21st September 2022 07:32 EDT

The benefits of regular exercise and working out are commonly known. However, simply pairing them with diets does not necessarily speed up the weight loss process. Many times, despite sticking to the diet, and tweaking eating habits and lifestyle, some people do not see expected results.

Some misconceptions and common mistakes in the weight loss journey are:

1. Not counting calories - A calorie deficit is vital for weight loss. Many people forget that weight loss is effective when you burn more calories than consumed. Hence, keeping a track of your nutrient intake for the day can go a long way in losing fat.

2. Keeping short-term goals - Losing weight is not the tough part, keeping it off for a longer period is difficult. That is the reason why many people tend to gain most of the weight loss in a very short span of time.

3. Obsessing about your weight - Weight loss is not always going to be linear. To lose weight, it is important to maintain your muscle mass and reduce your body fat percentage. Hence, the correct way to lose fat is to focus on inch loss, maintaining your strength and stamina, and focusing on your daily energy levels.

4. Too much cardio - Cardio is a great mode of a workout when it comes to burning calories. However, too much cardio can result in muscle loss which can lead to loose and flabby skin. Hence, doing a combination of weight training and cardio exercises during the week is not only a sustainable strategy to lose fat but also a great way to build and tone up muscles.

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