Picking the cherry

A recent Hometrack survey shows that 373,000 property transactions have been stalled as a consequence of the current lockdown, worth about £82bn

Sow & Reap

Interesting times.  Currently, we are being fed information regarding something we cannot see or have a grip off.  Therefore, we are lapping up all we are fed.  Even the official narrative does not make sense, even within its own narrative.

Currently, we are negotiating a deal in Central London; a block of flats on a prominent road.  The price is surprisingly cheap given the location.  The property is not freehold, but leasehold, and is above a commercial premises. 

We are looking at a small, very quirky property. The downstairs has a lease with a Blue Chip, but it is part of a larger premises spread across two other units, which are not for sale.  

Currently, we are toying with whether we should go with a bridging lender or a conventional lender for a particular deal. The rates between the two we are looking at are surprisingly close.

There was a deal done only last Friday, post auction, where the investor bagged a great bargain.  It was a detached freehold property, which had planning to convert into two flats.  It was supposed to be sold at the auction, but ended up unsold...

We have just recently managed to rent a couple of properties in central London, that too only with very aggressive marketing.  They were hard work to rent out, even when priced more than 30% below what they would have achieved pre lockdown. ...

We have been tracking a property in a desirable part of West London.The property is freehold and consists of a large shop, basement and uppers.The uppers are in a derelict, and possibly dangerous, condition.

Predictably, the property I mentioned last week was snapped up, it went to the first investor who agreed the deal there and then.

We have just secured a deal in North West London. Judging from all the interest we had in the last deal I wrote about, in the same location, I don’t think it will stay around for very long.

We have just finished refurbishing 6 flats in NW London.  The aim is to give them to the council to rent out.  The advantage is the tenants we have in mind will probably always be on housing benefit, and thereby they will not have a job to lose...

I once saw a billboard which said Death and Taxes on one side, on the other side it said always pay your taxes, and in regard to death it said there was a loophole, eternal life through Christ.

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