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"You own it, you better never let it goYou only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blowThis opportunity comes once in a lifetime "

Women of India, Women of Britain, Women of the World

They nearly did it. The Indian cricket team nearly won the world cup in cricket. The women came a lot closer than the men.

Pakistan is increasingly obsessed with ‘Khalistan’. That’s a word I thought we had long buried. But the useful fools promoting it are indeed useful for Pakistan. They have made allies with Pakistan and tried to connect it with Kashmir. Just...

Success is in the mind it is often said. One of the most important mentors I ever had to help me in finance and trading and then set up my hedge fund was Bill Lipshutz. He taught me being too successful is a problem too.

The threats keep coming, Russia, Syria, Brexit, Inflation, trade wars, radioactivity, Middle East, Korea. The IMF report, The Global Financial Stability report did not help allay my concerns, instead it added to them. Add to that 75% of the...

PM Modi said he welcomes criticism because it shows a vibrant democracy. You won’t see that from Trump to Putin. But I have a problem with criticism. I have a problem when it is a bunch of morons on Parliament Square burning the Indian flag....

The secret to wealth is to overcome your own mind. When I wrote my first book, there was a very good reason I called it ‘The Mind of a Trader’.

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