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"You own it, you better never let it goYou only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blowThis opportunity comes once in a lifetime "

Women of India, Women of Britain, Women of the World

They nearly did it. The Indian cricket team nearly won the world cup in cricket. The women came a lot closer than the men.

So last week’s column following the BBC report that “fraud victims 'failed' as criminals 'operate with impunity'” according to a report by ex-Met Police Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey has provided me with oodles of material following readers...

I noticed this past week on Mayoral candidate Rory Stewart’s Twitter feed the following “Ended the afternoon trying to help my five year old - who wanted to find sculpture from the Ramayana in the @britishmuseum - but - apart from the Garuda...

Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s Senior Special Advisor said he doesn’t care about messaging and if the Government is unpopular in the short-term because it has a huge popular mandate. So he wants to drive through big changes.

Why do so few people become rich in trading and investing. When I was writing my weekly Financial Times column of the ‘Diary of an Internet Trader’ telling the world what is working and making money and what is not these truths I realized

Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s Senior Special Advisor has been in the news a lot. Back when Tony Blair asked me to advise him on building closer ties with India, as part of the UK-India Roundtable I met alongside Margaret Thatcher’s...

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