Playing Music While Pregnant Can Help Develop Unborn Child's Hearing

Monday 30th March 2015 11:28 EDT

Scientific study suggests that playing music while pregnant can help develop an unborn child's hearing.

The prodigy of the “Mozart effect” was first propounded by a scientific study in the valued journal, Science, in 1993.

The study revealed that teenagers who listened to Mozart's 1781 Sonata for Two Pianos in D major performed exceedingly well in reasoning tests, compared to adolescents who listened to different genres of music, or had been in a silent room.

This study, however, did not look at the effect of Mozart on babies. The study found that college students who listened to Mozart sonata for a couple of minutes before a test that measured spatial relationship skills did better than students who took the test after listening to another musician, or no music at all.

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