What is Emotional Strength?

Mamta Saha Monday 14th June 2021 13:53 EDT

Dear Readers, how are you all? Have you been feeling more hopeful now that the evenings are lightening up and the sun is warmer? Have you managed to get out of your home to meet friends and family? I sincerely hope so.  In the midst of it all, did you give yourself the much-deserved recognition to say, “Despite it being a very challenging time in the world, I did well”. We shouldn’t take for granted the impact that the last year and a half has had on our mental health.  As a strong community, Asians are used to challenging times. We get on with tasks and duties often seamlessly, one after the other yet how often do we acknowledge the toll that this has on our mental well-being? When was the last time you stopped and gave yourself a hug?  

Many of my clients have been struggling with striking a balance between work life and personal life.. Some are not able to see their loved ones due to lockdown, which stirs feelings of loneliness. Others may choose to take on more work-related tasks and forget to dedicate time for themselves, which brews anxiety. Getting used to the new normal can be more challenging than it seems. My advice is to face your feelings, don’t suppress them. It may feel scary to acknowledge how you feel and if you don’t they may sit within you and create heaviness.

Other clients have been encountering difficulty in terms of building or maintaining relationships. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many have been cooped up at home. Eventually, social interactions become limited and as a result, the individual may find difficulty creating new relationships when circumstances change. On the other hand, maintaining relationships may arise in tension. However, it must be taken into account that experiences of the past can mould an individual to act differently. Potentially, this leads to disagreements and conflicts arising, which result in long term disruptions.

I have created a Masterclass called Emotionally Stronger.  This class will help you to find a productive and simple way to deal with your emotional heaviness. The classes will revolve around utilising crucial tools to build and focus on your inner peace. Giving time to your inner voice will allow you to find happiness on a long term which leads to sustainable happiness, another element the masterclass builds on. Confidence is key when encountering challenges in your life. With confidence comes higher self-esteem which you will strengthen once you join the master class. The class also covers constructing your vision which will help create a crystal-clear pathway for you and your future. Tackling difficult relationships with the power of your influence will be worked on. This masterclass hears all your problems and is willing to build on a new and true you. To book your space please reach out on www.mamtasaha.com.  I look forward to hearing from you. Mamta.

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