London Muslims organise Europe's largest Muslim March against all vices

Thursday 01st November 2018 07:40 EDT

Over thousands of London Muslims and people from other faiths are set to unite on November 3 at the Marble Arch in a bid to send a message of love and unity. Muslim communities of London have called for a United March Against Terror and Hate under the slogan “#Love is stronger than hate”. The march is a symbol of how Muslims and other communities stand together to defeat hatred and terror. The march will be held during the commemoration of the annual religious Arbaeen festival, one of Islam's most important religious events commemorating the death of Prophet Mohammed's grandson, Hussein.

The event will be launched with a Dove Release led by leaders from different religious and no-faith communities, including representatives of the Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and atheist communities. It will being with speeches and joined prayers at 11.30 am at Marble Arch, with the dove release at 12.30 pm, and the march down Park Lane continuing beyond 3.00 pm.

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