Sikh worshippers object to longer alcohol and entertainment licensing hours at sports bar and music venue

Tuesday 13th August 2019 17:14 EDT

The MK11 sports bar, in Keller Close, Kiln Farm, applied to the council to extend to 5.30am on occasional dates so they can show American wrestling bouts.

The sports and music bar, along with the Ramgorhhia Sabha Sikh temple,  and business units, sit close to each other on the same site on an industrial estate in MK. 

Tuesday’s Licensing Sub Committee heard there are issues of parking, access, and noise, which disrupts prayers.

Narinderjit Singh Ubhi said: “Peace, quiet, and tranquility are at the forefront of our thoughts. The congregation should be able to contemplate and pray without distractions. On occasions we have continuous religious services running for 48 hours and have up to 400 visitors but we are troubled by this noise.”

In submissions totalling 200 pages of claim and counter-claim between MK11 and the Temple, MK Council licensing officer Ed Fisher said he had “run out of letters of the alphabet” for all the appendices. 

Other submissions presented to the council stated that MK11 produced so much noise that the priest who lives on the site could not sleep and worshippers were not able to pray in peace. 

Worshippers are worried that the priest will get fed up with the noise and want to move on.

The operators of MK11, Mark and Simon O’Brien, said that they were open to resolving complaints but the Temple had consistently failed to respond, to raise issues, or to provide any evidence. 

They are planning to use squash courts at the former social club as a better performance area, which includes high-tech sound limiting equipment.

The applicants said they had been responsible with parking by employing parking and security wardens, but the Sikh temple “do not take responsibility for their parking.”

“We really do make a huge effort,” added Mr O’Brien. “It’s our livelihoods and our living. There have been so many wild accusations, that I do not know where to begin. We just want to get on with running our business.”

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