More graduates are taking up non-graduate jobs

Wednesday 19th August 2015 10:47 EDT

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 58.8% of graduates from UK universities are in non-graduate roles and said that these findings should be “a wake-up call”. Over-qualified graduates are being employed in roles that do not require a degree.

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, the professional body for human resources managers said, “The assumption that we will transition to a more productive, higher-value, higher-skilled economy just by increasing the conveyor belt of graduates is proven to be flawed.”

Reports found that this was leading to adverse consecution, such as employers seeking graduates for non-graduate roles, even though there will be no change to the skills required for the role. This has led to graduates taking up non-graduates roles where graduate skills are not needed.

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