What is your magic?

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 27th July 2022 15:21 EDT

Everyone has some magic. It is pre-installed in his/her system. A powerful way of creating a unique impression. Everyone handles different situations in their own magical way. Someone is good at soft skills, others might be in hard labour. A few people are good negotiators while some others are best in artistic ability. Some people are also skilful in avoiding any kind of work and getting away with it. Some people are magical in their way of presentation, while some are blessed with attractive looks. Whatever works for you as an attractive spark, it's your magic. Depends what's your unique set of abilities that you have ingrained in nature and attitude.
Normally we do not try to identify this magic in our nature, but once done, it can give us a special edge over others. You can easily categorise yourself in a particular way and know where you will fit best, and where you will be out of place. One can also decide which area of work will best suit her/himself and which would be waste of time. You can also make an assessment of others once you know about your own magic. Sometimes it is very useful to make a team or decide whom to avoid. It saves time and effort in every situation.
A spiritual leader has the gift of speaking well and touching the hearts of thousands. A conman has the skill of cunning whoever he wants. It is the strength of a journalist to find out hidden details through inquiries and so is for a spy. A painter and a writer can imagine things beyond our visibility. An accountant has a magical eye and an editor can catch even a small mistake in writing. These are the special skills either identified or developed by individuals. They come out best if that coincides with one's magical power. 
Actually knowing oneself is so important in every aspect that most of our success and failure depend on it. If one takes the trouble to spend some time in self-analysis, s/he saves oneself from many other troubles in future. While we believe that skillsets are developed with effort, it becomes more effective if the efforts are made in the right direction. If you are good at dealing with people, decide to go in that particular type of field for a profession and job. If working alone with full concentration helps you, maybe writing or research would be best for you. Your magic will be more effective when given a good environment. It is your duty to identify it and then nourish it to its fullest potential. Wasted efforts and attempts are sometimes very much avoidable if we have clarity about abilities and limitations.

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