What happens if one disregards your advice?

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 06th December 2023 07:15 EST
In both personal and professional realms, we often find ourselves in the role of an advisor. In moments when others perceive us as wise, they seek our counsel. The perspectives we offer can significantly influence the recipient's future decisions and actions. Advice, therefore, is not just valuable; it is revered. Advising is a full time profession in the fields of counseling, law, or ministership where the person takes immense pride in giving advice, dispensing with vast reservoirs of knowledge and understanding. But what happens when our advice goes unheeded?This disregard can lead to a sense of affront in the advisor. When advice is met with contrary actions, feelings of disrespect may surface. Yet, seasoned professionals, having attained a level of maturity, understand that their obligation ends with the imparting of advice. What follows is beyond their purview. However, this wisdom and detachment often is missing in personal relationships. It's challenging for a father, for instance, to witness his son blatantly ignoring his guidance, potentially leading to strained familial ties.But, as Kevin Kelly wisely stated, advice is a gift, not a command. Like a hat, if it doesn’t fit, try another. The recipient might not find suitable the metaphorical hat offered, opting instead to explore other options. The giver must recognize that the suitability of their advice is subject to the preferences and needs of the individual. A rejected suggestion does not diminish its value; it may simply be more fitting for someone else. Embracing this philosophy can preserve the bridges of relationships.Take, for example, a seasoned entrepreneur advising a young start-up owner. The latter, after careful consideration, might choose a different path than the one recommended. This divergence should not be seen as a rebuff but as a natural expression of individual strategy and perspective.When asked for advice, remember, you're essentially offering someone a hat to try on. They might not find it to their liking or suitable for their situation. Should they opt not to follow your counsel, it's essential to remember: it is their prerogative. Do not take it to heart or feel snubbed. Refrain from vowing never to offer advice again simply because it wasn't heeded. If you possess wisdom and others seek it, continue to share your insights, albeit detached from their outcomes.

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