Think of the nanoseconds

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 03rd February 2021 07:43 EST

How much does a day value in your life? When I ask this question, you will smirk, saying, 'What does this question mean at all?' But taken seriously, it will give us a good idea about the importance of time in life, importance of a day in our life. Though it depends on context and perspective at a time.

Let's take an example. One innocent person ends up in jail for five years. How would his first day feel to him? Miserable, right? He won't be able to eat, rest or sleep. He will cry his eyes out. This day, first day in jail, matters a lot to him. But one common day in the third year will not be as intense for him as the first one. So context matters.

In another circumstance, a person is going on his dream holiday for seven days. How important each day will be for him? He would like to enjoy as much as possible. If the holiday is only for three days and two nights, the same days would become even more important. This is the perspective of availability. If you have two months to complete a task, each day would value differently, but if the same task is to be finished in two weeks, the days would become shorter and more important for you.

Take another example. A person is getting married on a day when flood washes a bridge between his village and that of the bride's. The marriage party cannot cross the river whole day. Consider how the bride and groom would feel on that day? Add some more fantasy to this story. It's the time of seventies in India. No phones have reached to those villages. Bride's father was to pay dowry which he has not arranged. What emotions the bride and her family go through because of the delay in arrival of barat? Have you seen movies when the father of bride commits suicide? This is how important a day could be from their perspective.

This of a person who needs blood of a particular group and only one person is available who is suitable. If the person cannot reach to hospital because of delay in train? How important that part of the day will be for the patient and his family? Absolute medical emergency will add to their trauma.

Why to think of a day? Think of a few nanoseconds in the life of sprinters who are competing for a gold medal at national or international level. It can make them immortal in the history of sports.

Well, so now only you will know how important a day is in your life. And you will say it based on the set of circumstances you are in, from the perspective you will see the day and in the context you put your time. But we surely know each day in our life is important and cannot be wasted without appreciation.
(Expressed opinions are personal.)

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