The first signs of self-criticism

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 25th January 2022 12:58 EST

We come across many people who are always critical of themselves. We frequently hear: 'I wish I could do better', 'I am not good at this' and many other such statements. These are the first signs of self-criticism. No problem in being or trying to be a perfectionist and introspect on your own strengths and weaknesses from time to time, but being negative or having self-doubts are most of the time non-productive. That not only prevents you from taking any initiative but also stops you from giving what you have already done. Imagine an author who constantly doubts his skills and never publishes his writing. How can he ever be appreciated by anyone? Imagine a painter who never finishes a painting for an exhibition. How can the world be able to see the creative imagination s/he would have. There are many people who have talent, and they are aware of it, but because of self-doubts, they are never able to produce a result.

Can every runner be Usain Bolt? No. So does it mean no other runner will participate? There cannot be all talents similar to those who have risen to the top in their field, but it should not prevent the emerging and aspiring genius from trying. Be ready for criticism and comments when you produce something. Without any feedback, no one can ever improve. Submit your work to your known people for their suggestions at the first stage. Once you receive their ideas and if you feel relevant, implement them, otherwise leave them. Secondly, go to another set of people who can give you a more honest opinion because of their expertise in a particular field. Their assessment is more important and you need to listen to them more seriously. But once you have crossed such barriers, start putting up your work to the world. Let people read your poetry, your blogs, your short stories, novels or anything that you write – if you are a writer. Let people savour and comment on the dishes you invent – if you are a chef. Let the audience listen to your singing if you sing. 

Be always ready for a mixed review of whatever you do. There will be one section of the society that will like your work, another will be neutral about it, while there will also be a section that will be critical about the outcome and won’t like it. It's natural. Everyone has a different liking and taste. But this should not prevent you from producing your artwork, doing your creative things and getting them out to the public. Remember, your habit of self-criticism may occasionally be useful in improving the quality of output, but most of the time it prevents you from delivering something which is good. Therefore, don’t be shy in doing what you love to do and showing it to people.  

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