Success is not always because of talent

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 01st July 2020 09:15 EDT

Introspection 14

Many times we come across people who seem to have amassed plenty of wealth, and we wonder how? Sometimes we come across sports or arts personality, whose personality does not resonate with the kind of success they have achieved. Sometimes even a lawyer, government servant, political leader or even a businessman - raise similar doubts in our mind: how can s/he be so successful? Our reluctance to believe in the person's capability to succeed is because of the apparent lack of talent, poor personality or lack in the art of presentation.

Talent implies an apparently native ability for a specific pursuit which can be cultivated. But, let's be clear and honest. All success that a person achieves, is not only because of talent. Some other factors playing an important role, sometimes even more important than talent, maybe counted like:

1. Unwavering commitment: A person who is not talented in a typical sense of our understanding may have succeeded because of commitment to a particular task. If one keeps hitting arrows a hundred times a day, for a year, his archery skills are bound to improve. He doesn't need any other talent to hit the aim. Such a commitment can make anyone successful, irrespective of other personality traits.

2. Ability to use other's talent: Sometimes people are sharp. They might not have a particular talent, but they are able to use other's talent very well. Take an uneducated businessman, who doesn't have any idea of the pharmaceutical sector, but hires experts in the field and builds a business empire. Sometimes it is ethical, sometimes not. But this is another way how people could succeed.

3. Chance or Miracle: You believe in it or not, miracles happen. Some people are successful only miraculously and remain at the top. It may be due to some chance. An example of a person who inherited some money from father. Having no idea where to invest, based on a friend's advise, invested in a hotel which was available at a throwaway price, because of a slowdown in the economy. Later, he became a tycoon in the field.

4. Daring to start a new race: Startups are examples. If someone dares to start a new race, and consistently run it, success is inevitable. Take an example of Jawed Habib, a celebrity hairstylist who started a whole brand of grooming. KFC is another very famous example. When no one has entered into a field, and you plunge in, it is very much possible that all the benefits will be available to you.

5. Risk-taking ability: If one has the courage to begin something against the odds, profit will be disproportionately higher than the risk. It is a risk-taking ability of the person that gives him/her success. Investing in the stock market when it's plunging, buying land in a desert, or investing in a futuristically uncertain company, is based on the risk-taking ability of a person. Such decisions sound fanatic at the time but considered brilliant only after success.

So, these are the merits, which lands the person at the zenith of success. Call it hidden talent, or some gift, or whatever, but non-talented type people succeed for some of their other abilities. Which one of the above you have?

(Expressed opinions are personal.)

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