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Rohit Vadhwana Thursday 29th August 2019 06:26 EDT

Recently two rallies arrived from India to UK, travelling through a number of countries. One was a motorcar rally and another was a bike rally, both from Gujarat.

The car rally was organised by Ahmedabad's Heart Foundation and Research Institute Chairman Dr Nitin Suman Shah with intention to spread message of peace and brotherhood. It was also to support children of Pulwama attack martyrs in February 2019. The rally included 10 cars in which 30 persons drove over a distance of 17,000 km across 15 countries in the span of 45 days.

Another rally included three women bikers under the leadership of Biker Queens’s founder Dr Sarika Mehta. It covered over 25,000 km through 25 countries in the time period of 90 days. Its broad message was women empowerment, specifically focusing on Women’s Pride and Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.

These are but two examples of a number of such rallies taking place nowadays, be it on bike, car, bicycle or in any other format. Each of such rally aim to spread some message or promote a cause. As the rally begin from India and pass through various countries before reaching to London, participants undergo learning and transformation. Invariably when they pass through different terrain and geography, culture and history, reaching to the UK would feel like arriving at a home away from home. A warm reception by Indian community organisations, and for some of them also at the High Commission of India, feeling of coming home must be stronger.

While it is extremely difficult to perform such long rallies, they provides an opportunity to build bridges between the two countries. And any failure in doing so, is a wasted chance. While going back home, such rallies must result into betterment of the cause. Participants should make it sure that purpose of the rally is duly fulfilled and they have done their best for promoting India and its image throughout the route. Because, with them travels the impression of rich Indian culture – as Living Bridge.

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