Recharge your battery

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 16th September 2020 08:32 EDT

Introspection 23

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Recharge your battery

Ensure that switch is ON when you attach your gadget to a charger. Sounds simple? Yes. it might be simple but every one of us might have faced a situation when we plug in our gadget for charging but forget to switch on the power. When we look at it after an hour or so, expecting it to be fully charged, a shock ravels down the body. No charging at all? And its time to go to the office, without a charged cell phone or laptop. I have two observations from this example.

Firstly, we need to ensure all minute details in even the smallest and inconsequential task we are at. It does not require any expertise but only presence of mind. Ensuring that such work is done is easy. But if we cannot ensure it, consequences may be very embarrassing. Such a skip of mind type of mistakes is very common in our busy lives when many thoughts occupy our mind. Therefore, mindfulness is much more needed. Famously attributed to various scientists are incidents of walking out of the home with only one shoe, boiling watch instead of an egg, etc. Seems we are falling in the category of such scientists now!

Secondly, ensuring power supply is important in every aspect of our lives. Power is not required only for the battery of gadget but also for our routine work, energy for carrying out the jobs given to us. Mobile and laptop battery dies when we use them a lot. Similarly, our energy drops down after hours of work. We need a recharge of mind and body. Such recharge may be through energetic food or rest. It may be through a creative break or entertainment. But we need recharge to sustain the pace of work.

Surprisingly it happens that till the battery reaches to 16%, each 1% lasts quite long, but the drop from 15% happens as if a meteor falling from the sky. It lights bright and then extinguishes. It is similar to our body also. We remain active and energetic through the day, but by the time it's evening, loss of energy is sudden. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you have small doses of recharge to your device and body both. Don’t use their battery unless really required. Plug-in charger, grab a coffee, switch off unnecessary apps, rest a bit as and when possible – to conserve the battery of device and body.

In sum total, we need to ensure that we are giving enough time for recharging our gadget as well as ensuring the correct power supply to it. We do not want to have a situation when devices get switched off because of discharge. This applies to our daily life also. You can draw a parallel that suits your situation and lifestyle.

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