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Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 30th September 2020 07:31 EDT

Introspection 25

Rohit Vadhwana

(Expressed opinions are personal.)

All our events, meetings and seminars are not organised virtually. Event buyer-seller meetings and exhibitions are held online. This is a new situation and people are adjusting to the new normal. But the important question remains: Shall we ever return to the pre-Covid lifestyle? Shall we have physical events, meetings and seminars again? Or we will continue to use the digital and virtual platforms even after Covid?

This is a tricky question and answer may defer from person to person. But one thing is clear. We will have a hybrid, a mix of both, Phygital way of working in the future. Phygital means Physical + Digital. It is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world with the purpose of providing a unique interactive experiences for the user.

We will certainly like to organise physical events as we have been missing that face to face connect. It is evident from the large crowd gatherings happening even against the instruction of government authorities. It is bound to happen. The personal warmth of human presence can never be replaced by a virtual presence. Everyone has understood and accepted it.

But at the same time, people have realised the benefit of using digital platforms for conducting meetings, webinars and some other business engagements. It has reduced the time and trouble of travelling. It has given convenience to people, liberating from limitations of geographical distances. It is only a miracle that one person can attend a seminar in Mumbai, next hour he can be in Paris and later can also be present in a conference in London. This can happen only in the digital world.

Going phygital has its own advantages. It is very cost effective. Most of the events/meetings could be conducted free of cost. It takes away travel related cost, time and trouble for everyone. It can be organised, promoted and attended easily. It is possible only in phygital mode that a person can attend a meeting in Mumbai, Paris and London, back to back, without wasting anytime. Multiple users, participants and organisers can join hands together to bring out the best result. Technology is improving and therefore digital experience is becoming better. With Virtual reality, 3D technology and other facilities, it will soon become next to the real experience for users.

Therefore, the new world will be neither purely physical nor digital, but a mix of them: Phygital.

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