Navigating life's seas

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 07th February 2024 17:27 EST

The saying that ships are not built to dock at the harbours points towards the desirability to take risks in life. Human beings are not born to just live an adventurous life since that's not what they are made for. While the ship may be safe at the harbour, that's not the purpose of its being built. Similarly, we are born to discover new avenues in life, and so must do it. This has been a simple yet powerful motivational line, most of us have come across. However, there are two points: One, ships do not sail in monsoons, as there are dangers of storms. And two, all ships are not ocean going ships. These two limitations are not restrictive but guiding factors not only for the ships we are talking about but also for the human beings. We cannot take blindfolded risks knowing fully well that its stormy time, it's not safe to take actions. Therefore, there is no need to make a movement when there is no good time. Similarly, each individual is built for different purposes, just like river sailing boats and ocean going ships. Everyone should try to achieve the purpose they are made for. Trying to follow a ship in the ocean when you are built for a river is not an adventure but a suicide. Hence, when we chart the unpredictable waters of life, it is wise to be a calculative adventeror. Depending on the capabilities, keeping horizon in mind, sail through the waters and achieve the goals you are made for. Without limiting your potential, without breaking your limits, but truly comparable to your purposes and capacities. However, without trying, without leaving the harbour you will certainly not sail, not reach the new continents. Do not take safe harbours when there is time to take risks. All the ships have captains who sail them through the waters to take them to desired destinations. They are all time guided by the compass to maintain the direction. So is life. We are the captains of our life and have to be guided by an accurate compass and wisdom. Unguided ships do not reach destinations. Unskilled captains may sink the ships. Beware of rash decisions in life, do not ignore the importance of being skilled enough to captain your life. 

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