Is anyone taking you for granted?

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 05th August 2020 06:38 EDT

Introspection 18

(Expressed opinions are personal.)

Our self-confidence is important to maintain confidence. A person whose self-respect is hurt again and again does not reflect the exuberant personality. Therefore, people advise being amongst the confidence boosters, rather than negative people. Some friends are energy drainers and some are positive in attitude. Some relatives are of critical and complaining nature. There are some people around you who do not respect you for what you are. They make it a point to find out some flaw or mistake in your behaviour. They also comment on your habits.

While we may be dedicated to our relations and social circle, it is important to find out whether we are being respected or someone is taking us for granted? In other words, are we given due credit and respect for what we are doing for them? It is difficult to say whether it is happening or not, but the following questions will help in making a decision whether you are being taken for granted:

1. If someone is not extending basic respect and courtesy to you, it is the first indicator that you are being taken for granted.

2. If they do not involve you in their personal matters and also remain detached about your personal issues, it is another indication.

3. At times they make you work for them but while it's their turn, they do not walk a mile. They do not take the trouble to help you out in your need.

4. Someone is not faithful to you, keeps backbiting and does badmouthing about you in your absence. This is certainly not acceptable.

5. Doing something which may hurt your self-respect and hurt you emotionally. And still not caring to explain to you the reason for doing so.

6. Taking advantage of your feelings and using your skills and resources for their benefit, without reciprocating when it's their turn.

7. You do not reflect anywhere in their priority or important relationship. Neither they do show that you matter to them in a relationship.

8. Do not exhibit any enthusiasm about your requirement, preference or liking. This is a clear indication of their indifference towards you.

9. Without trying to understand your opinion or viewpoint, they impose their own thoughts on you. Do not believe in balanced, frank debate but try to subdue your views.

10. Never accepts your advice or suggestions even if they are correct and useful. Rather they do something which is contrary to your suggestions.

This is an important game for the weekend. You can examine your close relations and social circle against these 10 questions. Give one point, positive or negative, against each of these ten traits. If anyone falls less than half of the total score, it is certainly a time to chose your future course of action in that particular relationship.

Let's examine who is taking us for granted!

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