Bonding with your family

Rohit Vadhwana Monday 20th April 2020 15:36 EDT

Sometimes we fail to understand the importance of other people’s work in our lives. Tendency of feeling that own work is the most important is very common. It creates a situation of misunderstanding and ungratefulness. Especially in family life, husband and wife underestimate their role (in a traditional sense) as breadwinner and homemaker. It is much more difficult if both partners are working. But this lockdown is an opportunity to have a close look at it. 

The time of lockdown has given husbands a chance to observe and understand how important and occupying role homemakers are playing. While man (mostly in traditional family systems) shoulder the obligation of earning for family, woman have managed home and children. Men have time to appreciate women’s role. They can take over the role for sometime, if they are staying at Home. Men are mostly alleged to be ignoring household responsibilities. This is an occasion for them to come out of that stereotype. 

Women, who have felt that men cannot manage a house, should let men try their hands at some household duties. Let them prepare tea for the family. Cooking breakfast may be another good idea. Cleaning of house or arranging wardrobes could be difficult, but if willingness prevails, men can try it. Why not even allocate a day for a man to take care of children from morning till night? It may include their clothes, food, entertainment and other requirement as well. Helping in homework is also a good opportunity during this period of lockdown. 

One more important exercise could be children’s training in household chores. Their exposure to cooking, cleaning and other regular tasks can be considered. They may be sensitised that such tasks are not mundane, but life-skills. Every child should be given basic training of managing themselves. Children will learn to appreciate mother’s effort in cooking their favourite dish and father’s role in providing required facilities to them.

Why not try a family game? It could be played over dinner - informally, or with a pen and paper - systematically. Decide turn of each family member. One after another, they have to count task of other members. Man can mention a task which is performed by lady of the house and score a point. Child can mention a task of father for the family and score a point. Similarly, mother or father can mention role and importance of child in the family and score a point. Remember, point is given when you mention task performed by others, not by yourself. This is a good way of recognising and acknowledging other members’ contribution in the family. You will score a point and other member will feel gratitude. It will strengthen family bonding. You all will be surprised to see how much others are doing for the family. 

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