The art of remaining positive

- Rohit Vadhwana Monday 30th March 2020 13:41 EDT

Due to the Covid-19 impact, economic activities have slowed down; supply chains are hardly sustaining; millions of people are stranded everywhere amidst the lockdowns that various countries have imposed; people are suffering pain; people are dying. Its a time of unprecedented agony for the mankind.

But in this time, Let's take a challenge! Yes, a challenge for ourselves in this challenging time of Covid-19. A challenge of positivity and affirmation. During this period when everywhere the news are about death and pain, let us try to remain positive, optimistic and futuristic. Keep our family and friends in good humour and spreading good vibrations.

There might be some people in our contact who might have been infected with coronavirus. But let's keep in mind that many patients are being cured. Positivity increases immunity, science has proved it. So, call the patient briefly, if s/he is very close to you, and wish them for good health and speedy recovery. Otherwise, we may also send whatsapp or text message. Some people might have come under weather. Contracted flu or other mild infections. They may also be encouraged to remain positive, increase immunity and take medicines properly.

Some organisations have started providing medical, food and shelter related services for stranded people. If we can help them directly or indirectly, it will be a great service to the humanity. At least we can tell them how grateful we are for their services. Don't discourage them.

Governments have come out with some emergency relief funds. We may donate there. After all, in all difficult times, it is only our government which comes to our rescue. Burden of resources is very high on all governments at this moment. Needless to say to we should be grateful to all government and public organisations, especially medical and essential services, who are working dedicatedly for the benefit of everyone.

Let's consider this was an inevitable suffering that we all had to go through during our lifetime. Vow for not creating worse out of the bad situations. Therefore, lets positively adhere to the guidelines given by government and medical experts.

Lets not initiate or be part of any rumour in the society. Even if some fake news comes to you, do not forward it further. Do not increase negativity and anxiety in the tense world. Finally, lets be grateful to the almighty for keeping us safe and pray for ending the situation. Even though we believe in science, and do not follow any particular religion or sect, there is no harm in connecting with our spiritual souls. Meditation and prayer will also help to relax our mind.

(Expressed opinions are personal.)

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