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Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 26th January 2021 15:36 EST

(Expressed opinions are personal.)

Many times we come across people who cannot find solution to simple problems. We suggest them a good way out but they can't implement. They keep complaining about the situation and we start believing that someone likes to behave as victim. It happens around us. Some people see problems in every situation while others don't even think about it. Why? Why different attitude towards same situation? There are various reasons for why different people take same situation differently. Especially, why do people fear some situation? 

1. Past experience: As we know, if anyone had gone through a good or bad experience of particular situation, in future the person will respond accordingly. One who has been cheated by a priest will tend to see all priests suspiciously. On the other hand, who had benefited by company of a particular class of people will consider them good in future too. 

2. Lack of information: If one has no background information of any situation, s/he will interpret it in own way. Here different people will have different interpretations and therefore their attitude towards that situation will differ. In such interpretation also, past experience of nearly same situation matters. 

3. Unknown insecurity: If one has been victim of some unwanted incidents in past and the insecurity of that experience remains in mind, it will affect one's response to that situation. This is more psychological and technical and therefore taking help of professionally qualified counselling will be useful. 

4. Fear of future: If someone has been planning something for future, s/he would avoid entering into any unknown situation which has even slightest possibility of hampering that future plan. This is about being careful but sometimes it leads to being paranoid. One must avoid being too sensitive for any situation. Reasonable risk is acceptable in life. 

5. Warning: If someone has been specifically warned by elders or authorities to do or not do particular act, s/he will be careful about it. Other people would feel the behaviour strange because of lack of perspective. However, it is justified from the point of view of the person who has such instructions or warnings.There may be tones of other reasons why we behave differently and oddly in any particular situation. Unless others know about it, they can't understand. As it is said, we should not judge others without knowing the background. Not easy to measure others' circumstances so easily. 

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